Raiderlink: A Gateway to Texas Tech University

Are you a student, at Texas Tech University who is having trouble with the intricacies of logging into Raiderlink TTU? Whether you’re a long-time student at TTU or new to navigating the portal of Texas Tech University this guide aims to help you understand the login process and provide information on accessing important university services.

Raiderlink is an essential part of TTU students during their college experience. If you are a part of Texas Tech University and want to learn about what Raiderlink is all about and how you can use the portal, this article is for you.

About Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University, located in Lubbock, is a known public research institution that has a storied past dating back, to its establishment in 1923. Throughout the years it has grown into one of the most respected universities in Texas.

The university has played a role in the development of education in West Texas and has made significant contributions to research, culture and the local community. It continues to be a leading institution, in the region and brings pride to its students and alumni. Moreover, Texas Tech University offers a range of graduate programs spanning fields of study.

Understanding Raiderlink TTU 

 Raiderlink TTU is the university’s online portal, accessible to students through a secure login process.This Portal is like a website that Texas Tech University students, teachers, and staff use. Through this portal, they can get to different things the university offers such as : 

  • Academic Services   
  • Communication  
  • Financial Aid  
  • Blackboard Integration  
  • Eraider Account Integration 

Raiderlink ensures that students have the tools and resources they need to succeed at Texas Tech.

Importance of Raiderlink for Texas Tech University Students

Let’s have a look at some important features of Raiderlink TTU. 

Academic Support:

Raiderlink serves as a platform for students to access academic services, such, as registering for classes accessing course materials and checking grades. It enables students to easily enroll in classes view their schedules and seamlessly access resources.


The portal includes communication tools that facilitate interaction among students, faculty and staff. These tools include university announcements and email services ensuring communication, within the community.

Financial assistance:

Raiderlink plays a role, in handling matters related to aid. Students can utilize Raiderlink to obtain details about scholarships, grants and loans making it a valuable tool for those in need of support, for their education.

Raiderlink TTU Login at Portal.TexasTech.Edu

Raiderlink is more, than a login portal; it serves as the gateway to university services.

Accessing the Login Page

To begin logging in to Raiderlink TTU start by navigating to the login page.

Providing Your Login Information

Once you reach the login page you’ll be required to enter your login credentials – a combination of your username and password. These details are essential for verifying your identity and granting access to your Raiderlink account.

Ensuring Security Measures

Raiderlink TTU prioritizes the protection of your information. During the login process, you may encounter security measures such, as captcha verification, which ensures that authorized users can gain access.

Troubleshooting Login Issues

Encountering login issues is not uncommon, but with these tips, you can navigate through potential hurdles.

Resetting Your Password

Forgot your password? Raiderlink TTU offers a straightforward password reset option. Follow the prompts to reset your password securely. But first, recheck your password before resetting it 

Username Assistance

If your username eludes you, there are mechanisms in place to recover or retrieve it. Raiderlink TTU provides user-friendly solutions to assist in recalling this crucial piece of information. 

Browser Compatibility

Ensure your browser supports JavaScript, as Raiderlink TTU relies on this technology. Upgrading your browser or adjusting settings can resolve compatibility issues.

Contacting Support Services

When all else fails, reaching out to the dedicated support services at Texas Tech University can provide swift solutions to login challenges. Whether through email or a dedicated helpline, assistance is readily available.

A Complete Handbook, for Raiderlink Registration

Dealing with Holds:

If you have holds, bring them to your advisor’s attention during appointments. Some holds may require filing a degree plan. If the Psychology department didn’t place the hold, contact the relevant department directly for resolution.

Registering for Classes:

Begin by consulting your appointment worksheet for potential courses. Check for open classes a few days before your registration date. Be prepared with a list of courses and check for holds before registering on Raiderlink under the “MyTech for Students” tab.

Searching for Classes:

To search for classes, use the “Lookup Classes” option under the registration box. Select the term and enter the subject (e.g., psychology). View available classes and complete the registration process by checking the appropriate boxes.

Adding or Dropping Classes:

For a more common registration method, use the “Add or Drop Classes” option. Enter CRN numbers (not course numbers) to register for specific sections. Address any registration ad errors promptly by contacting the advising office for assistance.

This will take you to the Payment Agreement page that you will need to read and accept before continuing to enrollment.

Raiderlink Registeration

Raiderlink Registration

step by step
After Registration:

After completing the registration process, print a concise student schedule from the “MyTech for Students” tab. Bring the schedule and appointment worksheet to the advising office for verification. If you haven’t had an appointment, schedule one for personalized guidance.

How to Add and Drop Classes in Raiderlink

Adding and dropping classes in Raiderlink involves careful navigation of the platform. Follow the following mentioned steps carefully.

  1. Accessing Raiderlink:
    • Start from the Texas Tech home page
    • Move to the current student page.
    • Click on the Raiderlink link and log in with your eRaider and password.
  2. Entering My Tech for Students:
    • Within Raiderlink, go to the My Tech for Students tab and focus on the registration section.
  3. Add Drop Classes and Schedule Search:
    • Click on Add Drop Classes and note that it opens in a new tab.
    • Select the term (e.g., fall 2011) carefully.
  4. To use the Schedule Search Tool;
    • Right-click, on the Schedule Search tool. 
    • Open a tab.
    • Choose the term once again and specify the subject.
    • Browse through the available courses and select the one you desire.
  5. For CRN Numbers;
    • Copy the CRN number of your chosen course.
    • Go to Add Drop Classes and paste the CRN.
    • Click on Submit Changes to add the class.
  6. To drop a class;
    • If necessary find the drop-down menu.
    • Select “Drop” or “Delete” on the web interface.
    • Confirm your changes by clicking Submit Changes.

If you need to repeat this process for classes, go through these steps for each desired class. Make sure to verify that added or dropped classes appear correctly on your schedule.

Additional Information;

Make sure you understand all schedule details, such as days, times and locations. If you have any questions, about linked classes feel free to contact support.

 For further assistance, contact Texas Tech Advising at 806-742-2189 or visit 79 Holden Hall.

What is an ERAider Account?

ERAider complements Raiderlink, enhancing your Texas Tech University experience. ERAider is like the sidekick to Raiderlink, making your time at Texas Tech University much easier. When these two accounts work together, you get smooth access to all kinds of university services, making your academic journey a whole lot simpler. Your eRaider account offers a wide array of functionalities, allowing you to:

  1. Access your email
  2. Connect to the Internet
  3. Utilize RaiderLink for registration and information
  4. Enroll in computing short courses
  5. Benefit from online training opportunities
  6. Create a personalized website
  7. Download complimentary software
  8. And much more.
e raider Account

eRaider Account


Create Your eRaider Account in a Few Simple Steps 

To begin using RaiderLink TTU seamlessly, follow these quick steps to activate your eRaider account: 

  1. Visit the eRaider activation page on the TTU website. 
  2. Provide your details, including your first and last name, birth date, and university ID number (R-number). 
  3. Set a secure password that meets the activation page’s criteria. 
  4. Choose three security questions and answer them correctly. These will help you reset your password if needed. 
  5. Accept the displayed Terms and Conditions. 
  6. Click “Activate Account” to complete the sign-up process on the portal. Start enjoying the benefits!

 For more help in setting up your eraider account, visit the student’s services portal.

RaiderLink TTU Blackboard

RaiderLink TTU Blackboard is a learning management system that lets professors and instructors post course material like assignments and quizzes online. 

Raiderlink’s integration with Blackboard makes accessing and managing your courses a breeze. Experience the convenience of managing your courses effortlessly through Raiderlink’s integration with Blackboard. This powerful connection allows you to navigate seamlessly between Raiderlink and Blackboard, providing you with an enriched educational experience.

 Whether accessing course materials, submitting assignments, or engaging in discussions, integration ensures a smooth and connected classroom experience. Maximise your learning potential with this dynamic synergy between Raiderlink and Blackboard.

Blackboard Tips for Students 

General Browser Issues

Here are some general browser issues and solutions that most of the students face. 

Navigate common browser challenges with these effective solutions tailored to student needs.

  • Get a fresh start: Close all internet browser windows, and consider restarting your computer for optimal performance. 
  • Check your browser: Ensure you’re using a Blackboard-supported browser. 
  • Try an alternate supported browser: Experiment with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, as different settings may impact performance.

Troubleshoot Java Issues in Blackboard: 

Overcome challenges with the Chat Tool, file uploads, or HTML Editor using these helpful tips. 

  • Verify or Update the Java Certificate. 
  • Download and update your Java plug-in. 
  • Clear Java Cache (Windows). 
  • Seek assistance if Internet Explorer blocks downloads.

Problems with eRaider, the network, or other technical difficulties: 

Access support from IT Help Central for issues related to eRaider sign-in, browser errors, or other technical concerns. 

For technical assistance, reach out to IT Help Central at (806) 742-HELP, email [email protected], or visit the IT Help Central website. 

Tips for Success when taking a test in Blackboard: 

Enhance your testing experience with these valuable insights. 

  • Keep in mind that closing your browser doesn’t stop the timer; save answers as you progress. 
  • Avoid clicking the browser’s Back, Forward, or Refresh buttons during the test. 
  • Prefer a network (Ethernet) cable over WiFi for a stable connection. 
  • Refrain from attempting tests on mobile devices; use a computer with a supported browser. 
  • Ensure you click the Save and Submit button only once, then wait for the submission confirmation page before leaving. 
  • Promptly contact your instructor if you encounter any difficulties.

In summary 

It is crucial to master the login process, for Raiderlink TTU to fully enjoy your experience at Texas Tech University. This comprehensive guide covers everything from creating a username to navigating the integrated services. By understanding how to refine your use of Raiderlink TTU you can ensure a journey.

Key Points;

  •  Raiderlink TTU serves as a platform for Texas Tech University students to access university services.
  •  Remember to create and protect your Raiderlink TTU username and password for access.
  •  Take advantage of ERAider integration to enhance your experience at Texas Tech.

 If you encounter any issues with logging in troubleshoot them promptly so that you can continue accessing university resources without interruption.

 Stay connected with the university’s communication through Raiderlink.

Unlock the potential of Raiderlink TTU. Embark on a seamless academic journey, at Texas Tech University!