How to navigate Degree Works through Raiderlink TTU?

Degree Works through Raiderlink TTU enables current students to track their journey towards degree attainment and strategize for upcoming academic endeavours in collaboration with their academic advisors.

Let’s take a look at how to navigate Degree Works.

  • Go to
  • Sign in, and here you can see all of the academic information at Texas Tech regarding your current program, college, major, classification, and institutional GPA.
Degree works through raiderlink

Go ahead and collapse all of these boxes to see the information provided for your current program.

  • Now you can see your in-progress courses, fall-through courses if you have any, current program, current curriculum, and major courses. We can see the hours applied, and catalog year, and if we would like to see more information, we can click the down arrow.We can now see the minimum GPA requirements and core curriculum requirements.Let’s minimize this box and look at core curriculum.
Degree works through Raiderlink TTU
  • Here we see the core curriculum requirements, including those already completed with a green checkmark, in-progress requirements with the partial blue circle, and still needed requirements with the red circle.
  • We can also view our grades from previously completed courses and the courses still needed. To find more information on the courses you need, click the course name or the attribute. That will open another box with a course description, the sections offered, the course number, and the course name. If you are an exploring student or curious about other majors, navigate to the what-if audit to run a degree audit.
What-If analysis through Raiderlink TTU

Find the courses in Degree Works through Raiderlink TTU that you need for that specific major.

  • Take an example of a Bachelor of Science degree, and find a major in this area such as mechanical engineering by scrolling down and selecting that major and we can add a minor if we so desire.
    • If we like to explore an alternative major in the College of Business, we would return to our degree, choose Bachelor of Business Admin, uncheck the previous major, and then find the appropriate major such as accounting.
    • Process the new what-if, collapse the boxes again, and now we can see that we have a new audit in the area we are interested in.
  • It now shows a major in accounting, in-progress courses, core curriculum, our new degree type, and hours applied. Open the core curriculum, and now we can see the courses that we need for this program, including those not completed in whichever subjects remain. We can also view the coursework that is required for this specific major. If you have any questions, contact your advisor when building a course schedule for any term. Try to start with the what-if degree audit to ensure that all of the coursework is applied towards your intended major.

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