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Financial support and scholarship at TTU is helping out many students to face the challenges that need to balance quality education without limitations. Texas Tech University is committed to offering an enriching, affordable experience. This article dives into the avenues of assistance available at Texas Tech University, ensuring that prospective and current students are well-informed and empowered to navigate the world of educational support.

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Financial Support for Everyone:

One aspect that sets Texas Tech University apart is its approach to providing aid to students at the next level. Whether you’re a student stepping foot on campus or a returning student pursuing academic struggle, we offer a range of financial assistance options tailored to meet the specific needs of Texas Tech University students.

  • Merit and Competitive-Based Scholarships:

Exceptional students, both new and continuing, are awarded merit and competitive-based scholarships annually. These accolades recognize academic prowess and aim to alleviate the financial burden on students and their families.

  • Need-Based Financial Assistance:

The Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships stands ready to assist qualified families facing financial challenges. By identifying opportunities, the office ensures that no student is left behind due to financial constraints.

Many awards are available through academic colleges and departments for students with talents and interests in athletics, band, choral activities, fine arts, and specific academic fields. Prospective recipients are encouraged to contact their respective departments for more information.

Navigating the seas of Financial support and scholarship at TTU:

Understanding the importance of scholarships in supporting students, Texas Tech University offers various avenues to explore and secure these financial aids.

  • General Scholarships:

All students are automatically considered for general scholarships upon submitting their application for admission. Applying for admission at the earliest opportunity is recommended to increase the chances of receiving an academic award.

  • External Scholarships:

Beyond the university, students can tap into billions of dollars available through external scholarship sources such as private donors, foundations, and businesses. Students are encouraged to check with their academic departments and colleges for additional opportunities.

  • Presidential Merit Scholarships:

Exceptional first-time freshmen exhibiting outstanding academic ability are eligible for Presidential Merit Scholarships. These awards not only cover tuition but also grant non-resident recipients in-state tuition status. Continuing students can also secure scholarships by excelling academically.

The Texas Tech Fellowships and Scholarships programs

The Texas Tech Fellowships and Scholarships program provides multiple opportunities 

for students to apply for fellowships generously offered by alumni, friends, and foundations to support graduate education. To explore fellowship possibilities, students are encouraged to contact their respective colleges and departments of study directly. Fellowship awards are often granted to colleges and departments in conjunction with the application process. 

  • General Fellowships:

Graduate students can apply for fellowships offered by the Graduate School. These fellowships, ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 annually, aim to acknowledge and support excellence.

  • Recruitment Fellowships and Assistantships:

Distinguished Graduate Student Assistantships (DGSA) are awards intended to attract qualified candidates into doctoral programs. Departments offering DGSA may also provide benefits like tuition waivers and stipends. Eligibility for these awards is based on nomination rather than application.

  •  Doctoral Fellowships:

Doctoral students at Texas Tech University can utilize fellowships designed to increase completion rates and enhance recruitment efforts.

Faculty members nominate students for these fellowships, offering support for up to 12 months. This assistance enables students to dedicate their time solely to conducting in-depth research for their thesis.

How do you increase your Scholarship acceptance rate?

Following a series of straightforward steps is essential to ensure the successful acceptance of your scholarship offer through an online platform. This streamlined process makes the scholarship acceptance procedure efficient and accessible for recipients. Below are the detailed steps to guide you through the acceptance process:

  • Login to Raiderlink:

 Initiate the acceptance journey by logging into the Raiderlink portal at The raiderlink ttu of Texas Tech University is the central hub for various student services, including scholarship management.

  • Navigate to the My Tech Tab:

To access the My Tech Tab, you’ll need to log in. Once logged in, look for the “My Tech” tab. It contains features and resources specifically designed for students.

  • Access Student Financial Aid and Scholarships: 

        Next, click on the section labeled “Student Financial Aid and Scholarships” to access information about your aid and scholarship details.

  • View and Accept Aid Package: 

In the financial aid and scholarship section, locate and click on the option “View and Accept Aid Package.” This step will provide you with an overview of the scholarships available to you.

  • Select Academic Year:

 Choose the relevant academic year for which you are accepting the scholarship. This ensures that your acceptance aligns with the correct academic term.

  • Navigate to the Award Offer Tab:

 Click on the “Award Offer” tab to gain insights into the scholarship details you have been offered. This section will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the award.

  • Review and Confirm Award: 

Please take a moment to review the details of the award. Once satisfied, kindly confirm your acceptance by clicking on the “Confirm” button at the bottom of the page.

  • Accept Award:

 Following confirmation, click the “Accept Award” button to accept the scholarship officially. This action solidifies your commitment to the terms and conditions associated with the award.

  • Submit a Thank You Letter:

 As a gracious gesture, scholarship recipients are often required to express gratitude. Navigate to the provided link for submitting a required Thank You Letter, ensuring you comply with any additional documentation or expressions of appreciation.

By following these steps, you can confidently and efficiently navigate the online platform to accept the scholarship offer extended to you. 


Texas Tech University is not just an institution of higher learning but a partner in students’ educational journeys. Through hundreds of financial aid options, the university is committed to making quality education accessible to all. The dedicated team at the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships is ready to guide those seeking assistance or exploring scholarship opportunities. Texas Tech University is not just an institution; it’s a community invested in your success.

Reach Out :

For further information or assistance, feel free to reach out to Texas Tech University Scholarships at:

  • Address: West Hall Room 301, Box 45011 Lubbock, TX 79409-5011
  • Phone: 806.742.3681
  • Fax: 806.742.2901
  • Email: [email protected]

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