How to use a visual schedule builder?

Are you gearing up for course registration? Visual Schedule Builder is your ultimate companion for planning your academic journey at Texas Tech University. Whether you’re a seasoned student or a freshman, this tool streamlines the process, ensuring you select the perfect schedule tailored to your preferences.

Accessing Visual Schedule Builder is a breeze. Simply navigate to your MyTech tab or visit Once inside, you’ll find an array of features designed to simplify your course selection process.

First, select the term you’re aiming to enrol in. Ensure you only choose the term relevant to your current academic plans. Next, customize your campus selection by deselecting any campuses you don’t intend to attend during the upcoming semester.

visual schedule builder

Ready to dive into course exploration? Use the search bar to input course numbers, instructor names, titles, or CRN numbers. Let’s say you’re interested in MCOM 1100, English 1302, Math 1300, and Art Appreciation. Visual Schedule Builder swiftly generates results for your consideration.

But with so many options, how do you narrow down your choices? Fear not, you can refine your search preferences to exclude full classes, online-only courses, or those with campus restrictions. Additionally, block out any time slots that clash with your schedule commitments.

visual schedule builder TTU

Clicking once on a time period blocks it off, ensuring you don’t accidentally enrol in classes during unavailable hours. Need to undo this action? A single click will revert it to its original state.

visual schedule builder TTU

Found a class that fits perfectly into your schedule? Pin it to your results page with a single click. This feature ensures you don’t lose track of courses that align with your preferences.

Are you feeling satisfied with your schedule? Hit the blue star icon to add it to your favourites for quick access later on. Want to share your schedule with friends or advisors? Utilize the “Create Share Link” option to generate a link that you can easily send to anyone you wish.

Still unsure about certain courses? Expand the course information panel to view requirements, prerequisites, and how each course contributes to your academic transcript.

visual schedule builder TTU

With Visual Schedule Builder, navigating the course registration process has never been easier. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual scheduling and embrace a streamlined approach to planning your academic future. Start optimizing your course selection experience today!

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