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Just like the Raiderlink Portal, TTU has implemented the Raider Success Hub. As Texas Tech Raiderlink serves as online portal used by Texas Tech University students, faculty, and staff for accessing various administrative services such as course registration, grades, financial aid, and student accounts.

Similarly, Raider Success Hub is a system that allows us to leverage and maximize limited time and resources. Raider Success Hub will transform the student experience by allowing staff across campus to focus on what matters, personalize their support, and build trusting relationships with students. This platform will address the needs of both TTU staff and students. Raiders Success Hub is woven into as many student experiences as possible. Its capacity stretches beyond academic advising needs, including support services, academic success, and basic needs. Students will have a clear, mobile-friendly communication channel between themselves and their support network throughout this journey. 

Guiding Principles of Raider Success Hub:

The Raider Success Hub is more than just a hub; it’s a force for change. By removing limits on connections, TTU’s committed staff and faculty can reach students wherever they are. This vision goes beyond the usual limits, taking care of each person’s needs and making education happen without being restricted by time or place.

Key features of Raider Success Hub:  

RSH aims to foster a more connected and personalized experience for everyone involved in academia – from dedicated academic staff and faculty to students. 

  • Helping students succeed and stay on campus by focusing on what they need.
  • Getting support and involvement from important people on campus.
  • Using different ways to talk to everyone, so information is easy to understand.

Positive Outcomes for Students:

RSH, students can easily reach out to their success team, which includes academic advisors, success specialists, and career advisors. It has been made simple by offering various ways to connect, like sending a text (SMS) or chatting live.

TTU students

Through these channels, students can access a comprehensive overview of:

  • How they’re doing in their classes (academic status).
  • Any important notifications or alerts.
  • Plans for success that are tailored to them.
  • Information about advising and registering for courses.
  • Important dates to remember and their course schedule.

It’s a one-stop hub where students can stay on top of everything they need for a successful academic journey.

How to Make an Appointment on Raider Success Hub?

Raider success hub

Follow these steps carefully on your raider success hub:

  1. Select schedule. 
  2. Now you can search for the name of the faculty member who you want to meet with.
  3. Or if you are not sure who you want to meet with, you can filter by groups in the tabs mentioned there.
  4. Sort advisors by the topic such as:  
  • academic planning
  •  academic support services
  •  course-related support
  •  explore a major minor or certification
  1. Now select the topic of the appointment such as:
  • academic planning
  • change major
  • change my schedule (add or drop)
  • course planning and approval
  • degree audit
  1. Select the date and time
  2. You can also sort by location or appointment type (in-person, phone or online).
  3. After confirming the details, your appointment has been scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email shortly.

How to Request a Change of Major using Raider Success Hub?

   Here is an easy way to request to change your major or minor by following these steps.

  • First, you’ll want to go to academic advising under advising registration.
  • Right there, it says “Request change of major or minor.”
  • You can view a catalog or you can hit major/minor and see all the options available.
  • In the next part, I really debated on which one I should hypothetically choose.
  • But in the end, I decided on Theater Arts to embrace my musical creativity.
  • It allows you to meet with your program advisor, and you’ll need to do this to initiate the request.
  • However, mine is hypothetical, so I hit finish.
  • That is how you complete the first steps in order to request to change your major or minor.

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